Hyundai drops a potential Elantra N teaser in its TCR reveal video

It's about time Hyundai's N division got busy on another full-fat model to keep the Veloster company.

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It's hard to tell under all that camo, but we're betting it's the Elantra N.


N division has been pretty busy as of late. Not only did Hyundai recently refresh the already-awesome , but it's got a new Sonata N-Line and Elantra N-Line coming down the pike too. And there may be something more in the works, based on a teaser found in the launch video Sunday for the new Elantra N TCR race car.

We don't see much, and what we do see is heavily camouflaged, but we'd bet our morning coffee that Hyundai is teasing a full-fat N version of the forthcoming Elantra sedan. What makes us think that? Well, it's been a long time now since the Veloster N debuted, and while N-Line cars are cool, it's about time for the subbrand to flex its muscle on another model.

The sound as the camo'ed car leaves the scene is pretty aggressive with many pops and bangs, precisely the kinds of pops and bangs we've come to love in the Veloster N. Also, why show off a camouflaged car if the world's already seen the standard and N-Line versions?

What kind of specs would we like to see on an Elantra N? Well, we wouldn't be mad if a lot of Veloster N hardware carried over, namely the manual transmission and the excellent suspension. The brakes would likely be beefed up a bit, and seeing even more power (possibly North of 300 even) would be cool too. All-wheel drive? Maybe, but what Hyundai should do is set its sights on the bonkers Civic Type R and try its best to beat the big H at its own game.

Hyundai didn't immediately reply to a request for more information.

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