Honda confirms another US death due to Takata airbag inflators

The never-ending Takata airbag recall continues to be a danger to motorists around the world.

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Massive Airbag Recall Prompts Safety Concerns
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Massive Airbag Recall Prompts Safety Concerns

Honda confirmed that the Takata airbag recall has claimed another life.

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Honda announced on Friday that it had confirmed another death in the United States as a result of a faulty Takata airbag inflator.

The fatality resulted from the crash of a 2002 Honda Civic in Arizona in 2018 and is the first additional death to be confirmed since 2017. Honda vehicles have been implicated in 15 of these fatalities, with the other 2 happening in Fords.

The Takata airbag recall is the largest recall in history, spanning a decade and tens of millions of vehicles from nearly every vehicle manufacturer on Earth. It also seems to be the recall that will not end, with recent reports showing that some of the replacement airbag inflators installed as part of the recall were also defective.

The original recall stems from Takata's use of defective airbag inflators that can shatter on deployment, sending a hail of shrapnel into the passenger cabin of a vehicle. Currently millions of recalled vehicles have still not been repaired.

If you have any questions about the Takata airbag recall and whether your vehicle may be affected, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has an in-depth and easy-to-navigate resource page.

If you've received a recall notice and haven't taken your car into the dealer, remember that all recall work is performed free of charge, so...


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