Genesis X Speedium Shooting Brake Concept Previews Future EV Designs

The stunning two-door is an evolution of last year's X Concept, and it sure seems like Genesis wants to put it into production.

Last year Genesis unveiled the absolutely spectacular X Coupe concept, a fully electric two-door that showcased the brand's future design language. It sure seemed like Genesis wanted to actually put the X into production, even releasing shadowy teasers of a future lineup that included distinctly coupe-shaped silhouettes. On Wednesday at the Genesis House space in New York during the auto show, the automaker revealed a new version of the concept called the X Speedium, and it looks even cooler.  

This rules so hard.

Daniel Golson/CNET

Genesis says the updated styling on the X Speedium previews the look of future EVs, and that's a damn good thing. The biggest change is in the overall proportions, as the X Speedium has a fastback, almost shooting-brake-like greenhouse instead of the X Coupe's traditional roofline and trunk. It gives me Aston Martin DB2/4 vibes in the best way, and while Genesis didn't release any interior photos, it seems like the Speedium's taller roof gives rear passengers a lot more space. Crucially, the Speedium keeps the same incredible boxed fender flares as the original coupe concept.

The profile is incredible.

Daniel Golson/CNET

The Speedium's face ditches the X's grille in favor of a fantastic LED motif that sees the slim dual headlights running across the entire front end and forming the outline of Genesis' signature crest shape. The lower half of the front bumper is pretty much the same, but the grille-free face gives the Speedium a totally fresh look. The scalloped rear end is even more prominent on the Speedium, with a larger ducktail spoiler that has an integrated central light, and the Speedium has a more aggressive rear diffuser and more complex wheels. Its new emerald shade of paint is called Inje Green, inspired by the mountains around the Inje Speedium race track in South Korea that the concept is named after. Otherwise, the rest of the Speedium's design elements are unchanged from the X. 

The grille-free front still has Genesis' crest shape, thanks to LED lighting.

Daniel Golson/CNET

Genesis' chief creative officer, Luc Donckerwolke, says the X Speedium isn't a traditional show car, instead describing it as a statement of intent for the company's next EVs. The brand is going EV-only by 2030 with a planned six-model lineup in the US, though eight cars were previously teased -- and it seems like one will be a production version of the X. Let's hope, at least.

Along with the debut of the X Speedium concept, Genesis announced that the upcoming Electrified GV70 will be built in Montgomery, Alabama starting in December. The brand also debuted a new Priority One program for customers in California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York that will simplify the ordering and purchasing process for the GV60 EV. After inputting contact details and plopping down a $500 deposit, a concierge will pair customers with a Genesis retailer.