The Genesis X concept is an absolutely spectacular electric coupe

This long, low-slung, two-door EV previews what's to come from future Genesis designs, and we're into it.

Seriously, just look at this thing.
Daniel Golson/Roadshow

Last week I went to a small studio space in Los Angeles to check out Genesis' new GV70 crossover in person, but the real draw was the promise of getting to see a secret Genesis model. I was told it would be something that no one has ever heard of or speculated about, ruling out upcoming production models like the GV60 EV and next-gen G90 sedan. But I really wasn't prepared for what I saw when I turned the corner: a low-slung, supremely stunning, electric two-door coupe. Say hello to the Genesis X concept.

We don't have official dimensions to confirm, but to give you a sense of the scale, the Genesis X is riding on 21-inch wheels up front and 22s in the back. It's huge and very imposing in person, with a squat stance, tons of dash-to-axle space, wonderfully boxed fender flares, and a super-long and low clamshell hood. The greenhouse and long trunk lid are more like traditional coupes than the swoopier look that has become popular in the past few decades. I'm never one to make "this car looks like that car" comparisons, but the Genesis X gives me second-gen Mercedes-Benz CL vibes in the best way. My favorite design element is probably the concave and mostly unadorned trunk lid, which looks incredible in person.

The X has a traditional coupe profile that I love.

Daniel Golson/Roadshow

Genesis says the letter X "symbolizes a hidden hero," whatever that means, and it also represents the "two lines" theme used in the brand's Athletic Elegance design language. The X has dual thin LED headlights and taillights, like all new Genesis cars, with the headlights fully extending across the front fenders to create a unique light signature. The dual lines are also found in the chrome window trim, which kicks up at the C-pillar, and design elements like the hood strakes and fender crease allude to the twin line theme as well.

Despite being an electric car, the Genesis X still has a massive front grille. It's a new interpretation of Genesis' crest grille that has rounded corners, with the only actual point being at the very base of the grille. There's a large intake below the grille and another pair of intakes at the edges of the bumper, and there's an interesting twin-bar chrome detail hidden behind the lower grille mesh. The X also has mesh grilles in the rear bumper that are garnished with chrome trim pieces, with V-shaped points at the corners that echo traditional exhaust tips. Nothing was actually said about the X's powertrain beyond that it's fully electric, but the amount of real intakes for cooling makes me think that Genesis envisions it would be very powerful.

The X has Genesis' most driver-focused interior yet.


While the concept I saw didn't have a fully modeled interior, Genesis released a few photos of the conceptual cabin, and it looks excellent. The X's interior is the most driver-focused cabin I've seen from Genesis, with a wraparound display for the driver, a sporty steering wheel and a floating center console. The driver's seat and surrounding dashboard are finished in scotch brown while the rest of the interior is a nice greenish blue, and Genesis says the car uses upcycled materials like leftover leather. The two lines theme is present in the interior with slim air vents that surround the occupants, and the X uses the same spherical gear shifter and drive mode selector that first debuted on the lovely Mint concept. There's more than enough space for real adults to sit in the X's back seat without hitting their heads or knees -- this is no tightly packaged two-plus-two.

Genesis isn't saying anything about whether it will actually produce an electric coupe like the X concept, but there's not much about the car that's actually that far-fetched, the exterior especially. I could totally see Genesis coming out with a production flagship EV coupe by the end of the decade -- it would be an amazing statement piece, cementing the brand as a true player both in terms of luxury and electrification. 

The X also seems like a thinly veiled preview of the next-gen G90 sedan's design, which is set to debut at some point this year and could be available with a fully electric powertrain. If that's the case, creating a range-topping coupe based on the G90 should be a no-brainer.