Genesis going all-EV in 2025, teases 8 new models including X coupe

Four new crossovers and four new cars will be on sale by 2030, and Genesis aims to sell 400,000 EVs a year.

It's been just a couple weeks since Genesis revealed its first dedicated electric model, the GV60, but the Korean luxury brand isn't slowing down. Genesis plans to go completely EV starting in 2025, the company said Wednesday through a short film showcasing the company's ambitions.

Yup, you read that right. Starting in 2025, every new Genesis model will either be fully electric or be powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. Beyond that, Genesis said it will be completely zero emissions by 2030, so all the existing (and upcoming) gas-powered models will be phased out by then. The brand says it's working on higher-output fuel-cell systems, more efficient EV powertrains and next-gen lithium-ion battery tech.

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This is all very promising.


The real good stuff is in the teaser you see above. Genesis plans to have a lineup of eight EVs, with the aim to sell 400,000 electric cars a year by 2030. In the center of the image on the left, we can clearly see the silhouette of the stunning X coupe concept, and next to it sure looks like is the shape of another traditional coupe (though it could be a sedan). Two two-door coupes being introduced? In this decade? That's excellent news. Further to the left are two large cars that seem like sleek fastback sedans. On the right side of the image are four crossovers. Curiously, none of them is the GV60, though the two closer to the center are smaller and have similar shapes. To the far right are larger SUVs that still have pretty slick rooflines.

Every car shown in the teaser has an evolution of Genesis' signature dual headlamps, with all of them featuring the motif on the front fenders as well, something that has been teased in the brand's recent concept cars. I especially love the SUV second from the right, which has the top light fully uninterrupted by the wheel well. The video also shows off a number of design ideas on a large concept car -- maybe one of those models on the far left -- that could make it to future production cars. We can see suicide doors without B-pillars, seats that swivel around, welcoming mood lighting, and even heated floors and door cards.

The GV60 will be joined by the already revealed electric version of the G80 sedan as well as an EV version of the GV70 crossover next year. The GV60 is on the Hyundai Motor Group's E-GMP platform, but at least one or two more EV-specific platforms are sure to pop up in the near future to underpin larger and sportier vehicles. Genesis doesn't say when we'll see the first of these eight new cars, but I can't imagine we'll have to wait very long.

Genesis reveals futuristic GV60 EV crossover

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Daniel Golson Former social media editor

Article updated on September 1, 2021 at 4:39 PM PDT

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