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Genesis teases epic G70 Shooting Brake wagon

The G70 wagon will likely only be sold in Europe, and that sucks.

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Drool emoji.


We've known for a while that Genesis would be coming out with a wagon version of the G70 sport sedan, but following this week's announcement of the Genesis brand entering Europe, the automaker has released the first official teasers of what will likely be called the G70 Shooting Brake. And we're in love.

In profile, the G70 wagon has taller side glass that comes to a point at the C-pillar with a downward turn (as opposed to the kicked-up point on the sedan) and the roof itself doesn't seem much taller. But obviously the biggest change comes aft of the C-pillar. Instead of adding another side window and extending the length of the car, like on most wagons, the G70 takes a different approach. The raked rear glass wraps around the body, which could aid with visibility, and there's a large integrated spoiler and a rear wiper. The split taillights gain two small elements on each side of the hatch itself, likely for some European lighting regulations.

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake wagon teaser

We love a rear wiper.


There's a lone front-end image showing off the front wheel and fender, and it looks identical to that of the facelifted G70 sedan. In general, the rest of the G70 Shooting Brake's design looks identical to the sedan; even the rear bumper looks the same. We expect the wagon will have some unique color and trim options, though. It should be offered with the same powertrains too, meaning a turbocharged four-cylinder and a twin-turbo V6, as well as a diesel.

The teasers were posted by the new Genesis Europe social media accounts, with captions like, "Get set to welcome a new, eye-catching member to our family of Athletic Elegance" and, "Say hello to the newest member of the Genesis family." When the Genesis brand was launched for Europe this week, the brand said it would enter the market with "dedicated" cars, and this G70 wagon will likely be one of them -- wagons are orders of magnitude more popular in Europe than in the US, so don't expect it to make it to this side of the pond. What a shame.