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Ford Ranger first to benefit from new ARB 4x4 collaboration

Ford Performance and ARB 4x4 Accessories plan for lots of new off-road goodies.

Ford Ranger with ARB 4x4 bumper
It's functional and looks pretty good, too.

Ford's no dummy. It knows truck owners spend a lot of their hard-earned cash on aftermarket accessories to make their pickups even tougher off-road. That leads us to today's unsurprising collaborative effort.

Ford Performance and ARB 4x4 Accessories will work together on a slew of new off-road accessories and vehicle recovery parts for owners, and the first to benefit is the Ford Ranger. The two designed a new front bumper that includes a winch for vehicle recovery. 

This is about as tough as the Ranger will look in standard guise since North America won't be treated to a Ranger Raptor. Slap this bumper on an FX4 model and equip the optional Raptor-inspired suspension package, and you'll be closer to a midsize off-road warrior.

The new bumper will attach to any Ranger model and Ford Performance ensured it flows well with the pickup's current design. It also boasts a durable powder coating and still allows all integrated features to function as intended. These include sensors for the Ford Co-Pilot 360 bundle of active safety features.

The Ranger is only the beginning, though. We'll definitely see accessories tailored made for the F-150 pickup and probably for future vehicles Ford has in the works, too. They include the 2020 Bronco and a "Baby Bronco" model that will compliment the latest Ford Escape as a rugged alternative. Roof racks, snorkels, air compressors and lighting are all areas we may see Ford Performance and ARB 4x4 work together on.

In the meantime, fans of the Ranger's new off-road bumper have a time to save the $1,495 needed to purchase the piece since the component will release sometime next year.

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