Ford Mustang Bullitt quietly ended production last year

The final Mustang Bullitt went to a happy customer at the end of 2020.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt
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2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt

That's all, folks.

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It's belated, but we're pouring one out for the Ford Mustang Bullitt. confirmed to Roadshow  that the final production car rolled off the assembly line late last year and resides in the hands of a happy owner. A spokesperson said the final car appropriately features Dark Highland Green.

Ford Authority first reported the nugget of information, though the automaker didn't make much of a scene surrounding the final car. The Bullitt was never meant to be long for this world, anyway. Instead, it was the latest in a long-running limited-series production of cars honoring the famed Mustang Steve McQueen drove in the film Bullitt.

The now-defunct Mustang Bullitt entered the scene on a high note at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show where it debuted alongside the original Mustang McQueen drove for the film, which had vanished from the public for decades. And for under $50,000 Ford sold the special pony car with a slightly more powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine making 480 horsepower, up 20 ponies at the time over the standard GT trim. And yeah, a cue-ball shifter was standard.

Whether we will get another Mustang Bullitt is entirely unknown. While previous reports pegged a next-generation Mustang for 2023, riding on the Explorer's platform, a recent rumor suggested Ford had delayed the car to move it to an electric platform. If that's the case, the owner of the final Mustang Bullitt may have history sitting in their garage.

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