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Ford F-150 over sex: Truck owners would sacrifice a lot to keep their pickup

The automaker surveyed a couple thousand pickup owners, and yeah, they really love their trucks.

2019 Ford F-150
"Hands off my truck," pickup owners say.
Emme Hall/Roadshow

Pickup truck owners will give up a lot before they hand over the keys to their vehicle, according to a cute survey Ford commissioned ahead of the 2021 F-150's debut.

Ford and PSB, a global analytics consultant company, polled 2,000 pickup truck owners just to see how deep America's love affair with pickup trucks runs. Long story short, it runs really deep. Owners declared they'd give up alcohol, coffee and their phone before their truck.

The survey looked at a variety of age groups, with the largest group being those aged 18-34 at 27%. Of those surveyed, 38% of them owned a Ford F-150, while the others owned a competing brand such as Chevrolet, Ram or Toyota. The split between men and women was also pretty slim, with the group made up of 54% men and 46% women.

Digging into the data, a whopping 82% said they'd give up a music streaming service before their truck. That's easy since other digital music media exists today. Or, you know, CDs can still be a thing. But it gets pretty interesting as Ford asked what else truck customers would give up.

Among the respondents, 79% said they'd give up alcohol before their truck, while 71% said they'd ditch coffee if it came down to it. Coming close to a majority, 47% said they'd ditch their mobile phone, and behind phone usage, 44% declared they'd become a vegetarian instead of swapping their truck for another vehicle.

Rounding out the questions, 38% said they'd stop having sex. Of the group, 15% also said they have a tattoo of their trusty workhorse. Clearly, truck owners are some devoted folks.

Perhaps most importantly, owners see their pickups as a tool to help others. Almost the entire survey population (94%) said they've used their truck to help others, and 34% use their pickup weekly to provide assistance.

While the survey provides a snapshot of America's love affair today, Ford also kicked things out to the future. When asked about an electric truck, 40% said they're excited about a battery-powered pickup. Almost the same portion (38%) said they'd switch to an electric pickup if they were assured it made no compromises compared to a traditional truck.

That's a healthy figure since Ford plans to jump into the electric pickup game in the very near future with an electric F-150. We should see a battery-powered F-150 land in the US within the next two years.

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