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Watch Ford’s electric F-150 prototype tow over 1 million pounds

You probably shouldn't try this at home, even if you have an electric F-150 or train cars handy.

This... probably isn't what the new-vehicle warranty had in mind when it mentioned towing.


One-off towing demonstrations don't really highlight a vehicle's actual day-to-day capabilities, but boy howdy, are they fun to see. In the last year or so, we've seen some impressive pulling demonstrations from a Mini Cooper SE and a Tesla Model X, but now, it's Ford's turn.

Ford on Tuesday published a video showing its electric F-150 prototype towing just a bit above its expected rating. The automaker hooked up 10 double-decker rail cars and 42 F-150s to a seemingly normal (albeit silent) light-duty pickup, totaling over 1 million pounds. As expected, the electric F-150 pulled off the stunt with little drama.  

Ford first confirmed development of an electric variant of its bread-and-butter pickup in January. It's still a few years out, and before we see a battery-electric F-150, we'll get a milder dive into electrification with the F-150 hybrid, which is slated to go on sale next year.

One can only hope this will kick off a series of ever-more-ridiculous towing stunts between Ford and Tesla. Elon Musk has made some wild claims recently about how Tesla's forthcoming electric pickup will wallop the F-150 in every way, and Ford's latest marketing stunt is a shot across Tesla's bow in a sense. I, for one, welcome all the seven-figure towing videos to come. To be fair, the Model X towing video was actually a stunt from Qantas and not Tesla itself, but here's hoping Elon finds an asteroid that needs pulling.

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