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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup hits 70,000 reservations

Ford appears to have a lot of interest in its new electric pickup truck.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning - off-road
70,000 hand raisers want a piece of this action so far.

Since its debut on May 19, Ford has racked up some 70,000 reservations for its 2022 F-150 Lightning electric pickup. Just two days after the event, Ford CEO Jim Farley tweeted that the company had already received over 44,500 reservations. On Wednesday, Mike Levine, Ford's North America Product Communications Manager, tweeted that the Blue Oval now has 70,000 digital hand raisers who have plunked down digital deposits. 

It's important to note that these reservations are not firm orders -- they're essentially strong expressions of customer interest backed by $100 fully refundable deposits. It will be more telling to see how many of these preorders Ford's dealer network can convert into actual sales when the model enters production in 2022.

Those seeking to reserve one of the electric trucks have the base truck, XLT, Lariat and Limited trims to choose from. The base, commercial-minded Lightning Pro model wears the attractive circa-$40,000 price tag. The Limited trim truck pictured above costs a whopping $90,000. The midrange XLT trim will set buyers back around $53,000 before destination charge. Keep in mind these prices are also before any applicable federal, state and local tax breaks or incentives for buying an EV -- including the federal government's whopping $7,500 tax credit.

Reservations remain open and Ford will contact those with deposits later this fall to turn those deposits into official orders. Production kicks off next spring.

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