Ford will offer dealer-installed accessory bundles for Bronco Sport

Each accessory bundle has a different outdoor activity in mind and a Yakima product to help you do it.

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The Camping bundle turns your baby Bronco into a sweet little overlanding vehicle, just add a 12-volt refrigerator.


People are understandably excited for the big Bronco and its bevy of factory-sanctioned accessories, but the smaller and more affordable Bronco Sport has accessories too, and, according Ford's announcement on Tuesday, they look as though they'll go a long way towards making the excellent little SUV even better.

The accessories are being offered in five different dealer-installed bundles, each with a different outdoor activity in mind. The first one is called Bike, and its purpose is pretty obvious. It comes with a hitch-mounted bike rack from Yakima, a roof basket and all-weather floor mats. 

The Water bundle has kayakers in mind. It includes a locking Yakima kayak rack, a Yakima awning and all-weather floor mats. The awning in this bundle is pretty cool and can also be had in the Camping bundle. In addition to the awning, the Camping bundle comes with a Yakima roof-top two-person tent and, you guessed it, all-weather floor mats.


All of the Ford bundles feature Yakima rack products and are dealer-installed.


In the Snow bundle, you get a roof-mounted ski and snowboard rack from Yakima and floor mats, while the Cargo bundle gives you a roof-mounted storage box with 16 cubic feet of space plus the now-obligatory floor mats.

Another thing with these bundles is, because they're dealer-installed, Ford is allowing folks to roll the price of the bundles into their vehicle loan. This might make them more accessible, but on the other hand, you're going to be paying for that roof tent for a long time if you choose to go that route.

Buyers can also opt to outfit their Bronco Sport with any of the other 100 accessories that Ford is offering for the crossover, of which the Yakima rack products are only a small portion. There are also things like Bushwacker fender flares, ARB air compressors, recovery gear kits for off-roading and all the other seat covers and remote starter kits you'd expect to see.

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