Here's a sneak peek at the 2021 Ford Bronco's body in white and chassis in construction

These photos also show off the underhood area and the Sasquatch package.

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The two-door Bronco body in white in all its steel and aluminum glory.

Bronco6G Forum

Well, it would seem as though the folks at are as busy as bees building Bronco test vehicles, because the Bronco6G forum has pictures from inside a Ford factory of the Bronco's body in white, as well as some photos of the vehicles being assembled.

Now, of course, these vehicles are being built for testing and validation purposes, so the construction shots are in no way indicative of what the actual, full-scale build process will look like. Still, they're cool because it offers a unique peek under the skin of one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2020.

Also included in the leaked photos are examples of a Badlands two-door Bronco, both with and without the Sasquatch package. The difference in the tire size is pretty impressive, and it makes us pine a little more for the lack of an available Sasquatch package on manual-transmission Broncos.


The 35-inch tire package on Sasquatch pack-equipped Broncos is pretty damned serious-looking.

Bronco6G Forum

What else can we glean from the photos? Well, the Bronco's frame looks pretty damned sturdy, as does the half-shaft joint that's seen sitting on a cart next to the body-less chassis. We can also see that ditching the fender flares on the Bronco will be a little more complicated than just yanking them off and cleaning up some double-sided tape residue. We'll be very curious to see if Ford offers a fender delete kit which blanks off the many attachment holes in the fender.

Mostly though, these photos get us even more excited for some time behind the wheel of what could be one of the coolest SUVs ever.

Ford Bronco shows off its body in white and serious chassis in leaked photos

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