Fisker Ocean will charge seamlessly with Electrify America

And in a new teaser, we get our best look yet at the side profile.

Teaser? This shows, like, almost the whole car.

The Fisker Ocean is less than a month away from its debut at CES, but like a drizzly rain, the electric car startup has dribbled a little more information.

Fisker on Thursday said the Ocean electric SUV will charge seamlessly with Electrify America. For future owners, Electrify America stations will automatically recognize the Fisker for automatic charging release and payments. If you're not familiar with the EV charging world, that's a big deal, as payment, membership and more can get overwhelming between various companies. Unlike gas pumps, credit cards aren't the norm at charging stations.

With the announcement, Fisker also revealed yet another image that I'm not sure even counts as a teaser anymore. With this photo, we've basically seen the entire SUV. The side profile once again highlights the high-mounted side indicator lights. When charging, they double as a charging status light. A green bar means the Ocean is completely charged, as shown in the photo.

Speaking of charging, all the juice will flow into an 80 kilowatt-hour battery that will provide an estimated 300 miles of range. When plugged into a 350-kilowatt charger, drivers can expect to see 200 miles of range added in 30 minutes.

In addition, the startup also said we'll finally learn more about its open-air experience dubbed "California Mode." This feature, which will be standard on all Ocean SUVs save for the base model, will supposedly let passengers "experience the sun, fresh air and an open feeling without being in a convertible," according to Fisker.

Fisker Ocean electric SUV

Fisker wants to start building these SUVs by late 2021.


Fisker previously dished out some other important details about the Ocean ahead of its CES debut next month. We know this electric SUV will primarily be available via flexible lease program. No long-term contracts here, and each agreement will come with 30,000 miles. The starting payment will be $379 per month after a $2,999 down payment. Order books opened at the end of November to reserve an Ocean.

We'll get the full scoop on the Fisker Ocean when it's shown in the metal next month. The car will be a fully production-intent prototype on a real platform, the startup underscored. There, we'll finally see its super sustainable interior, too.

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