Ferrari recalls 2,100 cars for fuel vapor leaks, fire risk

The recall covers the LaFerrari Aperta and five other models.

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A potential fuel vapor leak could cause the 488 Pista, as well as several other models, to catch fire.

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Ferrari North America will recall 2,150 cars over concerns that a manufacturing problem could, in certain cases, lead to a fire. The recall covers the 2017 LaFerrari Aperta, the 2018-2019 488 GTB, 488 Spider, 812 Superfast, and GTC4Lusso T, as well as the 2019 488 Pista

While 2,150 cars doesn't sound like a whole lot compared to some recalls -- Honda this week recalled 1.1 million cars -- it's a big deal for Ferrari, a company that in 2018 only shipped 9,251 cars globally.

The recall concerns a fuel vapor separator that could crack, allow fumes to leak out and potentially causing a fire risk. Ferrari says the problem was caused by a manufacturing defect with a part from a supplier, which has since been fixed on the production line, and that the company first received reports of the leak in customer cars from its dealerships.

The good news is that drivers will receive a warning of the problem: Ferrari says in case of a leak, the car's check-engine light will illuminate and a message in the instrument cluster will tell owners to take the car to a dealer. The affected cars were built as far back as October 2017, in the case of the Aperta, and as recently as October 2018 for other models.

Ferrari will start notifying US customers of the recall action in April and, of course, will fix the problem for free by replacing the fuel vapor separator in all of the affected cars.

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