The drop-top hypercar

Just as fast and just as exclusive but now with 100% more wind in your hair.

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How could Ferrari possibly make the LaFerrari any better? For some people, the answer is to rip the top off of it, which is exactly what the Italian supercar maker has done. Dubbed Aperta, the new limited-edition, open-top LaFerrari made its public debut at the 2016 Paris Auto Show.

Ferrari at the show bestowed upon us the official specifications, including a chassis rigidity that matches the original coupe as well as the same aerodynamic efficiency as the hardtop. In fact, Ferrari promised "open top aerodynamic comfort," in theory meaning cruising along without this thing's top on won't result in any permanent hearing loss.

LaFerrari Aperta opens up in Paris

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The Aperta maintains the previous car's 950 horsepower powertrain, which includes a 6.3-liter V-12 delivering roughly 800 hp, the bulk of the oomph coming from an electric motor and battery pack. All that power is routed through the rear wheels and a seven-speed, dual-clutch sequential manual transmission.

Ferrari still hasn't demonstrated the removable top, but has said that both a rigid carbon-fiber panel and a removable fabric unit will be available. Either way, you'll be looking about a 100 pound weight gain over the coupe, but still a sprint to 60 in less than three seconds and a top speed of over 217 miles-per-hour.

No price was given on the Aperta, nor was any needed. Of the 200 examples Ferrari will produce for customers, all are sold. But, just in case you're curious, the LaFerrari cost about $1.5 million. Surely, Aperta will demand a bit of a premium over even that.