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Ferrari remains shy on electric cars, CEO doesn't ever expect all-electric lineup

The Italian marque's CEO said Ferrari may not even achieve a 50% electric lineup, at least in his lifetime.

2020 Ferrari F8 Spider
Ferrari thinks there's room for engines in the future.
Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Ferrari has a lot of history riding on its shoulders. It built race cars and then some of the most iconic road cars. Today, it's one of the pinnacles in the automotive industry, and if its current CEO's crystal ball holds up, it's not going to change in a drastic fashion.

According to CEO Louis Camilleri, he doesn't believe the Italian brand will ever transition to a totally electric lineup. In fact, he doesn't even think the marque will reach an EV spread of 50%, at least in his lifetime, according to remarks he made during an investor call. Ferrari declined to comment further.

That's not to say things won't change. Ferrari rolled out its first plug-in hybrid last year in the SF90 Stradale and the company thinks it will have an electric car ready after 2025. But, the it's not in a rush to go totally electric. The company wants to ensure battery technology reaches a point where there's zero compromise in performance. After all, it's one of the key pillars that makes a Ferrari a Ferrari.

But at the end of the day, it seems like there will always be a home for the internal-combustion engine at Ferrari. If I had to pick one engine to stay on this earth, it would absolutely be Ferrari's V12 engine.

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