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Ferrari's first electric car could be a Tesla Roadster rival

Patent application images show a two-seater car, though the technology could be applied in a different body style.

Man, I hope I can still get a V12 noise for my future electric Ferrari.
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Ferrari has approached electrified cars with caution, and we only saw the Italian firm introduce its first plug-in hybrid with the SF90 Stradale last year. Sure, there was the LaFerrari, but the KERS-style hybrid system was hardly for efficiency -- just more power.

But the tides are changing, and even Ferrari has signaled it'll one day climb about the electric car bandwagon. Only when the technology is up to Ferrari standards will we actually see a pure EV from the marque, yet the firm is already thinking ahead. The company filed a patent application related to EV technology in Europe this past July, which the European Patent Office published last Wednesday.

The patent application first surfaced on the Porsche Taycan EV forum and shows what Ferrari might have in mind for its first EV. Granted, the images could absolutely be just for illustration purposes, but if they do hint at Ferrari's direction, we could see a two-seater sports car with all-electric power.  That'd make it a notable Tesla Roadster rival.

Ferrari EV patent image

This could be a basic interpretation of the guts of Ferrari's first EV.


One image shows room for two passengers with four electric motors total -- one for each wheel, which would make this electric Ferrari all-wheel drive. The application describes the ability for each motor to work on its own accord.  However, this particular setup could also be used for a hybrid sports car.

The application continues to mention a scenario where a single electric axle (or two) still operates with an internal-combustion engine. Or, Ferrari said, all four electric motors could be present alongside an engine for even more powertrain possibilities.

Ferrari didn't immediately comment on the patent application, and we can hardly take this as solid confirmation of an electric sports car. But, there's no doubt Ferrari has electrification on its mind. Just expect the firm to actually go all in once it can produce the best of the best.

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