'Everybody in' is GM's new EV-focused marketing campaign

The goal is to help accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles while evolving the automaker's brand identity.

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GM Everybody In Marketing Campaign

This campaign highlights the electrified future GM envisions.


On Friday, GM unveiled its new electric-vehicle-heavy marketing campaign called "everybody in." The venerable Detroit-based car manufacturer is looking to make you and every other driver out there lust after one of its numerous upcoming EVs.

Designed to accelerate the adoption or electric cars and trucks , this campaign is intended to feel accessible and inclusive. It's also part of an ongoing effort to evolve this century-old company's brand identity as it strives to deliver cleaner and safer transportation for all motorists. GM is also introducing a new logo to go along with this marketing push, one with new colors, a fresh, lower-case font and a subtle electrical plug hidden in the white space of the "m."

"Everybody in" commercials and advertisements are intended to set a hopeful tone and highlight a few important themes. Aside from exciting a new generation of drivers, it's also intended to demonstrate GM's technological leadership in the field of EVs as well as the $27 billion it's invested in this along with autonomous technology. It will showcase the diverse range of electric vehicles the automaker intends to introduce in the near future, a whopping 30 new models globally by the end of 2025. Finally, "everybody in" touts the versatility and benefits of the new Ultium electric-vehicle platform, which will literally power the automaker's EV revolution, everything from the high-end Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV models to much more mass-market offerings. Ultium is super adaptable and can deliver vehicles with up to 450 miles of range and 0-to-60 acceleration in as little as 3 seconds.

"I truly believe we're are at an inflection point for EVs," said Deborah Wahl, GM global chief marketing officer while speaking with media during a conference call. She described the new marketing campaign as optimistic, one that "brings energy and vibrancy [to the company]." 

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