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Elon Musk: Updated Teslas will get nearly 435 miles of range, electric hatchback possible

Musk hints again at a new entry-level model for Europe and promises an improved lineup of EVs with even more range.

You can just ignore the Semi in the background -- it's not exactly on sale yet.

Tesla seemingly never enters a lull, as CEO Elon Musk hinted at future things to come from the automaker during a battery conference in Europe on Tuesday. Musk discussed upgraded versions of the familiar Tesla vehicles, the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y, and provided a peek into a potential new EV altogether, Bloomberg reports.

According to Musk's reported comments, improved versions of the EVs it sells today are on the way and they'll boast nearly 435 miles of range. The improvement may have something to do with Tesla's new battery cell, nicknamed the Biscuit Tin, which is in development at Panasonic, Tesla's longtime partner and supplier. Beyond the updated cars, Musk foresees 620 miles of range as a new norm with future vehicles to come. The automaker already promised the next-generation Roadster will hit that figure with an upgraded battery, but the sports car is also seriously behind schedule. Tesla instead placed focus on more mainstream vehicles in recent years after the new Roadster made a surprise debut three years ago now.

While the company focuses on improving driving range, Musk also said at the European conference that its upcoming factory in Berlin will focus on cars best suited for the continent. He once again hinted at a small hatchback model that could join the lineup for Europe, which Musk previously imagined as an even more affordable Tesla. In August, the CEO said it "bugs" him Teslas aren't more affordable and added "it's reasonable to assume" the EV maker has something "compact" and more affordable in the pipeline. The following month, Musk doubled down on a past promise to bring a $25,000 Tesla to life, with the help of cheaper-to-manufacture battery cells. At this most recent conference, the Tesla boss said "it would make sense" to build a compact car, "perhaps a hatchback." Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

While all of this remains ongoing, Tesla still needs to sort out Semi production and prepare the Cybertruck for prime time. We're supposed to see the latter's production design debut sometime soon before it enters production at a new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas next year.

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