Elon Musk whacks traffic pylon in Tesla Cybertruck

Watch the video in which Tesla's CEO may have run a red light -- and check out the shocking amount of body roll.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Tesla Cybertruck promo
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Tesla Cybertruck promo
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California locals should keep their eyes open because Elon Musk is apparently piloting a Tesla Cybertruck on local roads. 

The electric pickup truck was his vehicle of choice as he arrived at Nobu, a famed Japanese restaurant in the Los Angeles area, TMZ reported on Sunday. Video and photos show the Tesla CEO arriving and leaving the restaurant in futuristic style. Valets left the Cybertruck as a centerpiece in the parking lot, TMZ says, because the electric pickup is such an instant attention grabber.

Imagine being the valet that night and parking a prototype Cybertruck. There's a story to tell for years to come.

During the evening, Musk emerged with movie star Edward Norton to show off the new Cybertruck. Perhaps he earned yet another preorder for the electric pickup truck, scheduled for production in late 2021. That'll be for the most powerful models, like the tri-motor and dual-motor variants. The cheapest, single-motor pickup is supposedly coming in late 2022.

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But the most eye-catching part of the night was yet to come. When Musk departed the restaurant driving the Cybertruck, he struck a road pylon with the electric pickup's rear tire on the way out of the parking lot. Twitter obviously piled on the jokes, insisting that the pylon was about the size of a child and not that difficult to see. It makes a healthy smacking noise as the Tesla CEO leaves.

Not only that, but it certainly looks like Musk and his Tesla entourage made a left-hand turn in front of cross traffic that appears to have a green light. Traffic only starts flowing after the Cybertruck and another Tesla motor through. Somewhat humorously, the sign hit reads "Right turn only," per Google Street View. It's also where we see some pretty wild body roll from the pickup as it corners. Body roll is surprising from this rig since it's supposed to have a battery pack built into its floor, which would contribute to a lower center of gravity. Engineers always want to minimize body roll to keep a vehicle as planted as can be.

The electric pickup was also spotted cruising I-405 this past weekend, with an eagle-eyed driver recording it in motion.

The Cybertruck is absolutely a prototype vehicle and it's not clear if the electric pickup was running manufacturer plates for testing purposes. Otherwise, it's not road-legal, especially without side mirrors. Fancier camera-based systems for side mirrors are also not legal in the US -- at least not yet.

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Originally published Dec. 9, 9:31 a.m. PT.
Update, 10:17 a.m.: Adds information surrounding Musk's driving.