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This electric McLaren Senna is shockingly affordable

Alright, so it won't fit an adult, but it's a pretty cheap way to buy a McLaren.

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McLaren Senna Ride-On toy car

Look at how freaking cool this is, guys.


Here's the latest McLaren supercar for you to feast your eyes on, and it's all-electric.

Don't worry, it's not an actual McLaren Senna road car, if that wasn't apparent by now, but it's instead the latest car part of the firm's "Ride-On" children's range. It's essentially an electric-powered toy car fit for tiny kids. That doesn't mean it's not cool, though. Just look at McLaren Formula One driver Lando Norris' face.

That's a happy Lando.


Despite being a kid's toy, the Senna model is shockingly detailed. The car features working dihedral doors, a working brake system with functioning brake lights and an infotainment system. There are also programmed McLaren Senna sounds for kids to get a supercar experience, including a startup sound after using the push-button start. Man, kids' toy cars have seriously come a long way.

McLaren will sell the Senna Ride-On at Walmart and Target stores in five different color schemes, and it costs $582. However, the yellow and green livery seen here will be sold exclusively through McLaren retailers. Maybe a retailer can even put together a delivery experience to match the real-life Senna.

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