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McLaren built an affordable, electric P1, but you won't fit in it

This should rustle some jimmies at Tesla and Radio Flyer.

Chris Brown

McLaren promised that it would start electrifying its vehicles by 2022, but I didn't expect an electric P1 to arrive this quickly. Then again, I also didn't expect the electric P1 to be a ride-on toy for children, so I guess today is just lousy with surprises.

As with the Tesla Model S for Kids, the Ride-On McLaren P1 is an all-electric children's toy, akin to those powered-wheel contraptions I won't mention for fear of running afoul of trademarks. Also like the Tesla, it sports an MP3 player with an integrated audio system. Unlike the Tesla, the Macca's system is loaded with nursery rhymes, which is pretty adorable.

It takes just 2 seconds to reach the electric P1's top speed of 3.0 miles per hour, which is roughly half that of the Tesla's. The ideal customer is between 3 and 6 years of age, but with an MSRP of £375 (about $485, directly converted), the ideal customer will have to ask the parental units to pony up some dough.

The toy goes on sale this October at certain McLaren dealerships, followed by a toy-store rollout at an undetermined date. Meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can arrange our smallest Shootout video to date.

These tires are probably not rated for 200 mph. Hell, I bet they're not even rated for 10.

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