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Boy, does this look like an electric Ford Bronco

I mean, what else could this be?

Electric Ford Bronco teaser
C'mon, this isn't a mystery.

Ford's Capital Markets Day revealed a number of important steps the automaker plans to take to win the budding EV era, but look at this. This, folks, sure looks like an electric Ford Bronco. The shot comes from the presentation earlier Wednesday morning, which Ford representative Mike Levine also shared on Twitter.

The portion of the presentation spoke of a new, scalable EV architecture coming by 2025 that will underpin a variety of trucks and SUVs, and one of the outlines is what you see here: a boxy SUV complete with a backpack at the rear. And by backpack, I mean a full-size spare tire just like the 2021 Bronco prepping to launch this summer. Seriously, what else would this outline imply for the future EV platform?

This isn't the first time we've heard about the potential for an electric Bronco, either. Ford CEO Jim Farley posed a rhetorical question earlier this month when a Twitter user asked him why they haven't disclosed plans for a Bronco EV. "Why do you think we don't?" Farley said in a tweet.

At this point, it seems like a really poorly kept secret that the Bronco will go electric and be sold alongside the gasoline-powered Bronco in the future. We already know Ford has plans to offer a hybrid powertrain for the off-road SUV at some point, too. A Bronco EV would further follow the Blue Oval's plan to continue using its "icons" as a stepping stone into EVs for buyers. The F-150 Lightning is a prime example. If you can't make America's best-selling vehicle into a successful EV, then I don't know what could sway car buyers.