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Dodge will show us its electric future next year with EV concept

Sounds like we're in for a taste of whatever electric muscle car the brand has planned for 2024.

Dodge EV teaser
We'll likely see a preview of this next year.

Ready or not, here comes Dodge's electric era. The brand's CEO Tim Kuniskis said we're in for an electric concept car next year that will likely preview the battery-powered muscle car shown in a teaser video earlier this summer. Kuniskis, who spoke to Automotive News during the Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge event last week, said, "Dodge is a muscle car first. And, by the way, it happens to have electrification to make it better."

That same ethos was apparent during parent company Stellantis' EV Day media event back in July, when we saw the first glimpse of whatever Dodge has cooking. A teaser video previewed a retro-looking muscle car, a throwback Dodge logo and a vehicle capable of spinning all four tires -- presumably with a whole lot of power. Dodge declined to comment and only told us to "stay tuned" for more, so we'll have to practice patience.

Aside from the EV concept, we know Dodge has a plug-in hybrid coming next year, too. Kuniskis confirmed this vehicle's launch date for next year, though he didn't speak to what form it'll take. While a Durango PHEV seems like the safe choice, the folks at Dodge could certainly surprise with a plug-in Charger or Challenger to increase power.

Whatever these new cars turn out to be, the Dodge boss said they'll live for a "long time" as Stellantis focuses on EVs and associated technologies. The automaker previously gave each brand, Dodge and Chrysler included, a decade to shape up or face the possibility of joining dozens of other nameplates in the great junkyard in the sky.