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Electric Dodge muscle car set for 2024 with properly retro looks

Dodge won't sell EVs. It'll only sell performance cars that happen to use electric motors to produce lots of raw power.

Dodge shared a few details about its future on Thursday during Stellantis' EV Day, and it finally revealed a secret: It has an EV coming. The brand best known for out-of-this world muscle cars will introduce a new "muscle EV" in 2024, and we got a few shadowy looks at the car in the process. It's not clear if this is a Charger or Challenger replacement, but nevertheless, it's good to see signs of life at Dodge.

Dodge's head, Tim Kuniskis, made it very clear Dodge "will not sell EVs." Instead, Dodge will approach this shift with "eMuscle," and the brand has an "obligation" to embrace the technology. Why? It's going to provide a lot of power for drivers as engineers reach the "practical limits" of the internal combustion engine. Electric motors will provide even more when it comes to future Dodge muscle cars.

That will lead to this unnamed 2024 electric vehicle, which curiously wears a vintage Dodge logo from 1955. From the brief video, the car looks properly retro with what seem to be hideaway headlights via the iconic Charger models from the late 1960s. It's hard to make out any other details, but this muscle EV should have those with the need for speed mighty excited. We do know, thanks to other portions of the Stellantis' presentation, this car will ride on a brand new platform called STLA Large. The automaker engineered this platform specifically for all-wheel drive performance vehicles and "American muscle." Battery sizes for this platform will range between 101 and 118 kilowatt hours, and the automaker promises ranges of up to 500 miles.

We have much to learn still, so we'll have to wait and see if Dodge follows through on its new mission to "define the future of American muscle." In the meantime, watch this unnamed electric muscle car do a four-wheel burnout in the video above.