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Chevy Equinox EV Wows in Short Teaser Video

GM gives us another look at this upcoming all-electric SUV, and the vehicle doesn't disappoint.

GM is hard at work electrifying its sprawling product portfolio. A battery-powered version of the Chevy Equinox is one of the many EVs under development, but this upcoming SUV is also one of the few future products GM has actually teased. Back in January, the automaker released renderings of the vehicle in conjunction with CES 2022. And on Sunday, Chevy published a short teaser video on Twitter and YouTube that provided a slightly better look at this all-electric Equinox.

What can we learn from the tightly cropped, 28-second clip? Well, for starters, the all-electric Equinox doesn't look half bad, much more traditional than the dowdy Bolt EUV. The vehicle has a friendly face with slit-like lamps that flow into an illuminated grille bar. The front end and hood are soft and rounded rather than hard and blocky like many other utility vehicles. As for the mission-critical charge port, it appears to be on the driver's side front fender.

The video is closely cropped, but we can still learn quite a bit about this upcoming SUV.


The Equinox EV's sides are super smooth, seemingly devoid of creases, flourishes or superfluous trim. Accentuating the ultra-slick look are pop-out exterior door handles that sit flush with the body when not needed. It also appears this Chevy will be available with two-tone paint schemes because in this teaser video it's wearing vibrant blue that contrasts with a white roof and A-pillars.

At the back, we see a full-width light bar with a 1980s synthwave vibe to it. The Equinox wordmark is also unique, the "E" has been replaced by the three-bar Ultium logo, hinting at the battery and other components powering this SUV.

The upcoming Chevy Equinox EV is supposed to start around $30,000, but other than this nugget of information and the handful of visuals GM has shared, we don't know much else about the vehicle. Hopefully we'll learn more in the coming months, ditto for the automaker's other EVs including the all-electric Chevy Blazer, Cadillac Celestiq and others.

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