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GM announces Chevy Equinox EV, Blazer EV at CES 2022

The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV was the star at GM's CES 2022 conference, but two more electric SUVs are on the way. And they're coming soon.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox EV - front
More electric SUVs are on the way.

Add two more electric cars to the growing number of EVs General Motors plans to put on sale in the US. On Wednesday during GM's CES 2022 conference, CEO Mary Barra revealed that a Chevy Equinox EV and Blazer EV are in the pipeline -- and they're coming quickly.

Barra said the compact and midsize SUVs are growing segments in the US, so naturally, GM wants to place EVs in those segments. The Equinox EV will also boast a starting price of around $30,000, the automaker promised. If you think that's slim information on the Equinox EV, GM said even less about the Blazer EV. Really, it just confirmed it's coming and didn't give any price estimates. Both SUVs will hit dealers in 2023. That much GM was willing to share.

We should learn a whole lot more about both of these new electric SUVs in the months to come. And with the announcement of these two vehicles, we now know of ten electric cars GM has on the horizon. They include the Chevy EVs, a GMC Sierra EV, the Hummer EVs and two Cadillac EVs.