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Chevy Camaro in for Wild Cherry package, complete with new paint color

Chevy's showing some love for its pony car with a juicy sounding package.

2020 Chevrolet Camaro LT1
The Wild Cherry color should look something like this.

Chevrolet didn't forget about its pony car. The Chevy Camaro is in for a new package and a new paint color, according to GM fleet ordering guides.

Muscle Cars and Trucks first reported the news on Thursday and detailed what's called the "Wild Cherry Design Package." Photos of the package aren't available yet, but the outlet likens the package, complete with a new Wild Cherry exterior color, to the Camaro's previous Garnet Red color. It's a lovely, deep shade of red.

Buyers will be able to snap up a Camaro Wild Cherry package for either the coupe or convertible form, and the RS package is a must to unlock the goods. Every trim save for the 1LT and ZL1 can partake for the coupe, while convertibles get in on the Wild Cherry package in every form save for the ZL1.

Those interested will have two Wild Cherry choices as well. The first level adds Wild Cherry paint, five-spoke wheels and a Camaro fender badge. Black hash stripes also reside above the front fender. Level two adds "carbon flash" ground effects, a black fuel cap door with carbon accents and a center stripe finished in black, silver or a metallic black finish.

With the Wild Cherry package, it appears it ushers the short-lived Shock and Steel special edition out the door. A Chevy representative confirmed the Wild Cherry package but did not speed to other variants or pricing.

Overall, this is just an appearance package and there don't seem to be any major changes in store for the 2021 Camaro. The last major change saw Chevy redo the car's face after fans balked at a previous update. The pony car also received an LT1 trim to make V8-powered Camaros a less expensive proposition for buyers.

Bigger changes are reportedly pushed to 2022 as General Motors deals with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. The updated car should include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well.

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