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2020 Chevy Camaro ditches an ugly bumper, adds a more affordable V8 trim

The dark morass that was the former SS bumper is now dead and gone, thank the gods.

That's a lot better.

When Chevrolet introduced the polarizing new face for its refreshed 2019 Camaro, there was a great gnashing of teeth over the front bumper of the SS model, which was… unconventional, to say the least. But clearly the media wasn't the only group holding these opinions, because in the course of just one model year, that bumper is now history.

Chevrolet on Thursday unveiled a series of small updates for the 2020 Camaro, which goes on sale in the fall. The most notable update is the introduction of a new bumper for the SS model. Based on the bumper that we first saw on the Shock Yellow Concept at SEMA last October, there's now a body-color bar between either end of the bumper, which gives it a much cleaner look. The bowtie emblem has been moved to its rightful spot on the upper grille, too.

There's also now a cheaper way to slide into a V8-equipped Camaro. The new Camaro LT1 trim takes the kit and looks from the Camaro LT (available with either a turbo I4 or a V6) and slaps the SS' 455-horsepower V8 under the hood. The SS started at $37,995 in 2019, but the 2020 LT1 will bring the V8's lowest price down to $34,995.

As every good TV pitchman likes to say: But wait, there's more! Chevrolet has adapted the SS' 10-speed automatic transmission for use in V6-equipped Camaro LT models, replacing an eight-speed unit that will still see life in turbocharged I4 models, provided the owner isn't in the mood for a six-speed manual.

The remaining changes are all minimal. The 3LT trim adds the 2.0-liter I4 engine as standard, along with making a package standard. There's a new exterior color (rally green), some trims get dark-tinted taillights and other options like Recaro performance seats are now available on more trims. Red kneepads are also now available, which I'm sure was the second most asked-for thing after striking the SS' ugly bumper from the record.