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You can now order Domino’s pizza through Chevy’s infotainment system

It's part of the automaker's in-car Marketplace commerce platform.

It'd be way too distracting if the system let you configure an entire pizza from scratch, so it limits you to saved and recent orders.

General Motors first launched its Marketplace ecosystem in 2017, giving owners the opportunity to add dedicated channels for news, entertainment or sports to their infotainment systems. But it also introduced a commerce element, letting people order coffee or doughnuts while on the way to pick it up. Now, the automaker has added pizza delivery to the mix.

Chevrolet announced Friday that it's added Domino's to Marketplace. It doesn't offer the full flexibility one might expect from a web or phone interface, but that's the whole point -- it's a fast way to make a predetermined order to ensure nobody's left waiting for dinner to show up after work.

Here's how it works. First, a driver will need to set up a profile with Domino's through the company's website or app. This gives Domino's the delivery address, the closest store and the payment information required for mobile ordering. Then, through the infotainment screen, people can place saved or recent orders and get delivery set up quickly. It works with every Chevrolet vehicle already running Marketplace, using the data channel from the car's onboard modem.

We first learned about this system in March, when the pizza company first promised this feature would arrive in cars, though it didn't specify an automaker at the time. Domino's is no stranger to new approaches to pizza delivery, having also recently partnered with Ford to track consumer experiences with receiving pizza by "self-driving" car.

General Motors has steadily added functionality to Marketplace since its launch in 2017. Last April, Chevrolet partnered with Shell to allow in-car gas purchases, eliminating the need to use the gas pump's magnetic reader in an effort to prevent credit card skimming. In late November, Buick added Yelp compatibility to its infotainment system, allowing drivers to make restaurant reservations on the go.

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