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Domino's will make it easier to order pizza from inside your car

Picture a world where using your car's infotainment system has never been so delicious.

Forget Waze, getting pizza will soon be your most-used infotainment function.

Ordering dinner couldn't be easier in 2019, with dozens of delivery options just a call or app-tap away. Domino's, however, plans to make it even easier to order a pizza from your car by putting its latest AnyWare software right in your car's infotainment system.

Domino's says that customers will be able to order pizzas with a few taps on their car's touchscreen, and then monitor its cooking progress through the Domino's Tracker function. The software is powered by Xevo Market, a platform for in-car payments that you can also use to pay for parking, gas or even dinner.

Domino's didn't say in which cars the pizza-ordering software would launch. Given that the provided press image shows a General Motors car and that Xevo has publicly committed to working with Hyundai, it's a safe bet both of those brands will be on board with offering the Domino's functionality.

The company will demonstrate the technology at the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix in early April. Then the AnyWare software is set to be "automatically loaded on millions of cars with the Xevo platform" in late 2019.

Domino's is also rethinking how hot pies might be delivered to customers. The company has teamed up with Ford to experiment with using self-driving cars to get food from the store to your doorstep. Several years ago, Domino's rolled out its own custom delivery vehicle, and since then the pizza purveyor has even shown off a delivery robot. Compared with all that, simply ordering a large pepperoni through your infotainment system doesn't seem so crazy.