Buick will let you place Yelp reservations from the road

The app will roll out to all eligible GM infotainment systems, not just Buick.

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No, you cannot use the voice recognition to scream a 1-star review into the system.


Yelp isn't just for leaving salty reviews when a server didn't cater to your every whim. It is also a reservation platform these days, and when you're on the go, it's a pain to try and get a table reserved. That's where General Motors comes in.

Buick and all other GM brands with qualifying infotainment systems are now able to make restaurant reservations on the road. Yelp Reservations has officially been added to GM's Marketplace in-car app suite.

The app will search for restaurants within a 25-mile radius, which can be whittled down based on cuisine types. From there, just specify a reservation time, choose your party size (up to 10 people) and click to make a reservation. You can also call the restaurant if you prefer, and before making a decision, you can see how users have rated the restaurant in question. That said, you're not able to read specific reviews on the infotainment screen, because that would be distracting as all get-out.

This is the latest addition to Marketplace, which lets you increase your on-road productivity in as safe a manner as possible. It's possible to order ahead at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, and it will even let you pay for gas at Shell from your car, without needing to worry about a card skimmer attached to an errant gas pump. I took the Yelp Reservations app for a brief spin, and I found it easy to use while on the road, since the buttons are prominently displayed and only a few steps are required to complete the whole process.

Marketplace is available on 2017 and newer GM (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC) vehicles with the right kind of infotainment system, which largely depends on trim level.

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