Chevrolet and Shell let you pay for gas from inside the car

The program will start in Detroit, Seattle and Houston before expanding.

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Even though you have to get out of your car to pump gas (in most states, at least), you don't necessarily have to leave the vehicle's cushy confines to pay for it.

new Marketplace in-car app store will soon offer US residents the chance to pay for gas at a participating Shell station using Chevy's MyLink infotainment system. Best of all, you don't have to estimate how much gas you'll need -- once selecting your gas station on the display, it generates a code that will unlock the gas pump, and the resulting fill-up will be debited from a payment method you have stored.

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A couple quick taps is all it takes to stay inside the car just a bit longer.


Of course, as with everything else in life, there are limitations. Marketplace is only available on certain 2017-and-up Chevrolet vehicles in the US. Right now, the program is only limited to Detroit, Seattle and Houston, but it will expand nationwide in the coming months.

Shell's Marketplace app also allows users to locate nearby stations, discover what amenities they have and sign up for the company's fuel rewards program.

In-dash fuel payment is the next logical step, but Chevrolet actually isn't the first company to trial this. Jaguar and Shell teamed up last February to trial a similar system using PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay accounts.

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