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EV startup Bollinger is hiring and announces new Michigan HQ

Bollinger plans to double its team by the end of 2020 as it moves into a new space in Oak Park.

Bollinger HQ
Oak Park is now home to Bollinger.

Bollinger is on the move. The electric vehicle startup focused on bringing its sharp B1 and B2 to market announced Tuesday it has a new headquarters in Michigan and it's ready to grow.

As the B1 SUV and B2 pickup creep closer to production, Bollinger said it plans to double its team of 40 to 80 employees by the end of this year. That required a larger facility than its current HQ in Ferndale, Michigan. Oak Park will be home to Bollinger moving forward with enough space to sustain the team to come.

Hopefully, the move translates to smooth sailing as the company prepares to put the B1 and B2 on sale in late 2021. The electric SUV and pickup both made pretty big splashes last year, but fanfare seems to have fizzled a tad. Especially since the automaker with a big T announced its Cybertruck.

When both do arrive, they'll start at $125,000. Beyond the two private vehicles, Bollinger hopes to cash in on the commercial sector, too. The B2 chassis cab revealed earlier this year could be an electric workhorse of the future.

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