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BMW 7 Series Will Have Expanded Parking Assist Tech

The sedan can automatically drive forward or backward, and you'll be able to control it from outside the car.

2023 BMW 7 Series Parking
You can control the 7 Series' movements from 20 feet away.

Following my drives of the 2023 7 Series and electric i7 prototypes in Germany last week, BMW gave me a demo of its enhanced automated parking assist technologies. The Reversing Assistant Professional, Parking Assistant Professional and Remote Maneuver Assistant functions will all be available on the new 7 Series, which will debut on April 20.

Right now, BMW already offers a parking assist function that can remember 820 feet of traveled distance and automatically back the car up along the same path, with the driver only controlling the throttle and brakes. The updated systems improve upon this tech by allowing the driver to control the vehicle's operation both inside or outside of the car, where the 7 Series can be automatically driven forwards or backwards along a predetermined route.

You can walk behind the 7 Series while it drives along a pre-programmed parking route.


For example: Say you live in an apartment building with an attached parking structure. You can record your drive from the entrance of the structure to your assigned space just once, and every time you enter the garage, the 7 Series will give you the option to activate the parking assistant. Then, the car will drive itself -- slowly -- into the space, operate the steering, throttle and brakes itself. If at any point you want to stop the car and get out, you can, and then control the maneuvering via a smartphone app. All you have to do is stay within 20 feet of the 7 Series, which could be helpful if your assigned parking space is narrow and you want to get out of the car ahead of time.

BMW says the 7 Series will be able to store up to 10 parking routes in its database, with as many as four at a single location.

In addition, BMW has technology that can locate spaces in crowded lots and handle the parking duties itself. You can choose to pull nose-first into the space or back into it, with the car once again operating the steering, throttle and brakes. When it's time to leave, the car can be driven out automatically, and this can also be controlled outside the car through BMW's app.

Following its integration in the 2023 7 Series, look for this automated parking tech to make its way to other BMW models.

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