Bentley Mulliner division will grace Geneva with Bacalar two-seater

It'll be only the second two-seat Bentley car since 1930, believe it or not.

I'm all in for a two-seat Bentley model.

Bentley's posh Mulliner division has a two-seat-size surprise coming to the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

On Wednesday, Bentley teased what it calls the Bacalar two-seater ahead of the car's debut at the auto show, though it kept details close to its chest. The single teaser photo shows off the interior, which has two seats with what looks like some pretty fancy materials.

Not only will the selected materials ooze luxury, they'll be sustainable too, according to the limited amount of info we have so far. Matching the cabin will be a set of luggage also made from the same eco-friendly material options.

Bentley and Mulliner both said the Bacalar's overall design pulls from the EXP 100 GT concept car. The British luxury brand showed the futuristic car off last year with some wild technology (a front grille full of 6,000 LED bulbs?) and pretty striking design. We'll have to wait for the final reveal to see just how close Bentley followed the EXP 100 GT, however.

It won't be long since the Geneva Motor Show opens on March 3. It'll mark only the second time in Bentley's history since 1930 that a two-seat Bentley vehicle becomes reality. And with the Mulliner name attached, expect the Bacalar to be very limited.

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