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Audi testing $1,395 subscription program in Texas

The subscription program also includes access to rentals through its Silvercar service.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Audi On Demand is a pilot car-sharing program that grants users access to short-term loans. When it comes to longer-term possession, that's where Audi Select might come in, provided it makes it out of the pilot phase.

Audi is currently experimenting with a pilot subscription service in Texas, Automotive News reports. Audi Select will operate through five different dealerships in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, offering flexibility that includes car swaps and all-inclusive pricing.

Audi Select's pilot program is pretty straightforward. For $1,395 per month, Automotive News says users will have access to a five different Audi vehicles, including the A4, A5 convertible, S5 coupe, Q5 and Q7. Vehicle swaps can happen as often as twice per month, but cars can be in a customer's possession for as long as six months at a time. That price doesn't include fuel, but it does include maintenance and insurance.

Subscription plans like these could make weekend trips even easier. If all you need during the week is a sedan, but you're planning a family outing for the following week, you can move up to a larger vehicle when the need exists, while saving fuel in a smaller car at other times.

That's not all. Audi Select also ties into Audi's Silvercar rental service, which used to be a standalone company before Audi acquired it in early 2017. Audi Select customers will receive 24 days of free Silvercar rentals. Silvercar is available in limited urban markets, but it could provide extra benefits to Audi Select users who also travel frequently for work.

Audi did not immediately return a request for comment or additional information, but it confirmed the program to Automotive News and said the company plans to expand Audi Select's reach if the pilot program goes well, which could happen as early as later this year.

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