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Audi teases the Q8 again, this time in an action-movie web series

The first episode of a five-part thriller doesn’t really do much to show off the Q8.

Can't wait to get a look at the Audi Q8? 

A new five-episode web-video series directly from Audi will mete out a few more hints about the luxury SUV over the next two weeks before the car is officially revealed to the world in China.

Q8 Unleashed is a thriller with the eponymous SUV in one of the starring roles. The basic premise? A successful Californian businessman is kidnapped while on a date with his wife, wakes up alone in the desert and must figure out what happened. Naturally, the couple drove to said date in an Audi Q8 – though unfortunately the first episode (which you can watch below) only shows the SUV's chrome Q8 badge. Subsequent installments will hopefully feature a bit more of the new mode.

Audi already gave us a pretty good look at the shape of the new Q8 in a Facebook teaser sketch of the SUV's rear end. With a strong resemblance to the Lamborghini Urus, the Q8 adds modern Audi design cues, including a full-width LED strip between the taillights, to an SUV body with strong lines and creases.

Audi describes it as an "SUV with coupe design," and sure enough, the angled rear window and sloping roofline give the Q8 a more svelte, sportier look than Audi's existing Q7. That was also evident in an earlier teaser that showed the Q8's basic lines in profile. The production model will probably look similar to the Q8 concept that we saw at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

The resemblance to the Urus is not surprising given that the Audi Q8 will ride on a version of the same MLBevo platform as the Italian SUV. That chassis also sees duty in other Volkswagen Group SUVs, namely the Bentley Bentayga, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and VW Touareg. The Audi will probably borrow its powertrains from those models, potentially with a plug-in hybrid offering, but other details still remain scarce.

The remaining four episodes of Q8 Unleashed will roll out every few days between now and June 5. That last date is significant, as it coincides with the time that Audi will officially reveal the Q8 in China at the Audi China Brand Summit Shenzhen.