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Ian Callum reboots the original Aston Martin Vanquish and it's delightful

Callum Designs plans for 25 of these reimagined British sports cars.

Aston Martin Vanquish by Callum
Back and better than ever.
Callum Designs

While the Aston Martin Vanquish didn't go away entirely after its first generation, it became a different beast. Today, the British luxury marque plans to reinstate the iconic name on a midengine sports car coming in the future. Yet, it's hard to deny the swanky nature of the original. Apparently, Ian Callum felt the car was due for an encore.

And a proper encore Callum Designs has given the Vanquish. On Monday, the designer's new firm revealed the Aston Martin Vanquish 25 as a reboot of the original grand touring sports car. With modern technology and engineering, Callum said it's created a no-compromise Vanquish that builds on the original car's expertises. 

While this isn't a total redesign, which is totally not a bad thing in my opinion, there are plenty of subtle changes. For example, the window surrounds are a one-piece design for improved visibility and the firm widened the car's front and rear track. The latter tweaks give the Vanquish 25 a more planted stance with a lot of presence. Not to mention, the extra width improves stability, per Callum. The steering system benefits from new dampers, springs and larger anti-roll bars. The company also includes a set of stiffer bearings for the steering system often reserved for Aston Martin race cars.

The changes run further under the skin. The original V12 engine is alive and well but with an extra 60 horsepower. A new carbon air box, valley brace and engine cover dress the underside of the hood, too. Callum promises the new air box also enhances the sweet, sweet sound from the V12. At the rear, the valence required some rethinking. Thus, the exhaust system boasts an integrated diffusor and looks mighty elegant as well. Not into rowing your own gears? No problem because there's also an option for a six-speed automatic transmission from Callum.

Inside, things hardly look ported over from 2001. Callum has spruced the cockpit up with new materials, including a carbon-fiber center console with an 8-inch touchscreen. The rear seats are gone in favor of a luggage area -- just as original Vanquish drawings suggested for the grand tourer. Each driver will also have the chance to create premolded seats that hug the owner just right. The wonderful sights extend to Scottish leather on the panels that Callum will offer in a wide range of colors.

Each of the 25 owners will work with Callum to create a bespoke Vanquish 25 model with 15 colors and finishes available. There's no pricing available, but you know the deal. If you have to ask...

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