Aston Martin SUV to ditch electricity for gas engine, report claims

The SUV, which is reportedly named Varekai, should debut next year.

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It's unclear just how much of the DBX's style will translate to production.

Aston Martin

might be moving ahead with electrification, but its upcoming SUV doesn't appear to be part of that plan.

Even though it debuted as an electric vehicle, Aston Martin's DBX SUV concept will not pack an EV powertrain when it eventually makes its way to production, Automotive News reports, citing a conversation with AM CEO Andy Palmer. Diesel and plug-in hybrid options have also been ruled out, apparently.

According to the AN story, the production DBX will likely enter the market with turbocharged V12 and V8 engine options. This will closely mirror the offerings of its competitors, including the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga.

While the DBX may lack EV underpinnings, that doesn't mean Aston won't be electrifying in other ways. It plans to introduce an EV platform for its upcoming Lagonda brand, which was previewed with a stunning concept at this year's Geneva Motor Show. It will also forge a path forward with the forthcoming RapidE electric sedan, which is slated to enter production in 2019 according to past reports.

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