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Apex EV concept will gamify the track experience with augmented reality

Set for a Geneva Motor Show debut, the Apex AP-0 will ensure track instruction comes with a futuristic twist.

Apex Motors AP-0 teaser

This could be a wild thing.

Apex Motors

Apex Motors, a Hong Kong-based startup, is nearly ready to share its latest car with the world. It'll be the followup to its AP-1, a super wild track machine running Ford Focus RS power. Unlike the AP-1, however, the new AP-0 concept will be totally electric.

Not only will it boast a zero-emissions powertrain, but some pretty advanced technologies will gamify the world around drivers on the race track. Apex said on Thursday the AP-0 includes the latest lidar technology and an augmented reality display. The former will generate incredibly detailed, 3D maps of the world around it, just as the technology serves self-driving car prototypes. Here, Apex said the technology will accurately identify potential hazards for drivers.

As for the AR system, it creates a holographic reality for the driver on the track, complete with an AR race instructor. The instructor will, according to Apex, help drivers learn on the track through gamification and help create an even more immersive experience. The company is keeping quiet on further details for the moment, but it sounds promising, just as long as it won't shout at me for braking too late entering a corner.

We'll have the full scoop on the AP-0 electric sports car when Apex reveals it at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show in just under two weeks. Stay tuned.

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