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Electric XC40 will be first Volvo with Android-powered infotainment

Google technologies will be built directly into the system, which may make it a go-to EV for Android fans.

Electric Volvo XC40 Android-powered infotainment system
Like Android? You'll love the electric XC40's infotainment system.

The Polestar 2 may have debuted Volvo Group's Android-based infotainment system, but the first Volvo to run the technology is inbound. Volvo said on Wednesday the electric XC40 will feature the Android-powered infotainment system, which includes unique layouts and graphics to set it apart from the standard XC40 crossover.

It's one of the many changes the electric XC40 will house when it hits the road, but undoubtedly, the Android infotainment system is a big one. Not only will the open-source operating system power all infotainment needs, numerous Google technologies will be freshly baked into the system. Google Maps, the Google Play store and the Google Assistant will all be ready and willing to help drivers in the XC40 EV.

Volvo became the first automaker to commit to an Android-based infotainment system back in 2017 and both the brand and Google have been development partners for the past few years. Volvo said this infotainment system will provide drivers with the well-loved interface so many use with their smartphones, but adapted for safe operation while driving.

Google Assistant will be able to execute commands such as setting the cabin temperature or grabbing a playlist from Spotify, the Google Play Store will provide oodles of apps optimized for the car and Google Maps will provide real-time navigation with live traffic support. The days of factory navigation systems appear to be coming to a close -- and quickly at that.

This same system will be found in the Polestar 2 electric car, though it will run unique graphics to the EV division. For any future Polestar 2 or XC40 EV buyer that's all about Apple, don't fret. The infotainment system will still support Apple CarPlay as well.

Volvo plans to show the electric XC40 on Oct. 16. Then, we'll learn far more about the compact crossover's battery, range and other features. Stay tuned.