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Volvo XC40 EV teasers highlight what's possible without an engine

Confirmed: The XC40 EV will look a lot like a regular XC40.

Volvo XC40 EV teaser
Body-color grille? Check.

We're two weeks out from the moment Volvo will show off its first electric car ever. Ahead of the debut, the Swedish luxury brand published a few additional teasers of what it simply calls the Volvo XC40 EV.

For those hoping for some sort of radical change, you're out of luck because the electric XC40 is going to look a lot like a regular XC40. Typical EV cues are present, such as the smaller non-grille (it neatly tucks away sensors for next-generation active safety features) and the lack of a tailpipe at the rear. We also see the teasers show off the charging port with the flap open.

Volvo wasn't ready to give away the interior, but it did mention a redesigned driver interface for the electric model. The company also promised the battery's integration into the XC40 EV's floor won't compromise interior space. There are more nifty storage solutions, in fact, including a garbage bin in the center tunnel and new storage bins under the seats. Covering the interior floor is carpet made from recycled materials for an extra dose of sustainability.

Finally, the frunk. Without an engine sitting under the hood, it leaves automakers to play with more cargo space. In this case, Volvo said there's an extra cubic foot of storage up front that owners will take advantage of.

Volvo previously said the XC40 EV will house two electric motors -- one for each axle -- and underscored it will be its safest car ever. Look for a couple more teasers in the next two weeks before the compact electric crossover bows on Oct. 16.

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