7-11 is opening 500 EV charging ports by the end of 2022

As if we needed more of an excuse to drink coffee from 7-11.

Now you can work on your Jay and Silent Bob cosplay while waiting for your EV to charge.

It wasn't that long ago that people's biggest fear about owning an electric car was not having anywhere to charge it while they're on the go. That concern has mostly been alleviated thanks to several nationwide brand-agnostic charging networks like EVGo and Electrify America.

But, this being America, more is always better, so there's a new player entering the EV charging game, and it's 7-11. Yeah, that 7-11 with the questionable hot case foods and the grumpy employees and the menthol cigarettes. The convenience store chain announced Tuesday that it will be placing 500 EV charger ports at 250 stores in the US and Canada by the end of 2022.

OK, but if they can't keep the Slurpee machine up and running, what kind of charging can users expect? Well, we don't know, and 7-11 isn't saying, but we do know that they will be DC fast-chargers, and it looks like they'll be supplied by ChargePoint, so we'd bet on anything from 60-ish kilowatts to 125 kilowatts.

These new chargers will join 7-11's small network of 22 charging stations at 14 stores in four states, and the whole thing is a part of 7-11's ongoing work to reduce its carbon footprint.

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