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Happy Earth Day: Electrify America offers free EV charging today

Juice up your electric car for free until Friday and celebrate the planet.

Electrify America charging station
Electrify America

In celebration of Earth Day, Electrify America welcomes any electric car owner to juice up their EV for free: The company is providing completely free EV charging on the day meant to draw awareness to keeping the planet clean.

All 589 of Electrify America's fast-charging stations are 100% free to use until midnight PT (3 a.m. ET) on Friday, April 23, when they'll revert to asking for payment. The Volkswagen Group subsidiary operates across the US and has 2,500 DC chargers available for use. Its network will continue to grow to 800 charging stations by the end of 2021 with 1,000 additional plugs available.

As the EV era begins to heat up, charging networks will likely continue to grow at a quickening pace. In fact, the Biden administration wants 500,000 chargers installed by 2030 as part of its proposed infrastructure plan.