2021 Toyota 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra TRD Pro get out-of-this-world Lunar Rock color

The 4Runner also gets some new off-road-ready suspension bits and upgraded lighting.

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Once again, Toyota's gone ahead and killed the game with a gorgeous TRD Pro color.


Year after year -- and I don't know how it manages this -- Toyota manages to make some of its oldest models its most desirable ones by adding the TRD Pro trim to them. On some models, this means lots of suspension upgrades for serious off-road work; on others, it's little more than a unique paint color and some nice wheels, but it doesn't seem to matter to buyers.

The TRD Pro formula is a tried and true one for Toyota, so it's not changing things up much for the 2021 models, which once again include the , , and . The biggest news is probably the color, Lunar Rock, which, based on the press photos, is stunning. 

Another part of the TRD treatment is the inclusion of trim-specific wheels and, while most of the TRD Pro models carry theirs over from last year, the 4Runner gets new (and very handsome) flow-formed alloys wrapped in Nitto Trail Grappler tires. Flow forming is a really interesting wheel technology that offers most of the benefits of a costly forged wheel -- lighter weight, increased strength -- in a much more affordable package.


Lunar Rock even makes the Tundra and Sequoia look good.


New on the 4Runner for 2021 -- and not just the TRD Pro -- is the inclusion of LED headlights as standard across all trim levels. The Limited, Nightshade and TRD Pro trims also get LED high beams. All 4Runners will get LED fog lights while the TRD Pro retains its Rigid-branded LED fog lamps, which are brighter and more able to stand up to the abuse that the trail can dish out.

Toyota is also taking the announcement of the 2021 TRD Pro models to talk about the forthcoming line of Trail Special Edition vehicles that we saw at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year. As a refresher, the Trail Special Editions are based on the SR5 trim level and will be available on Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner in two or four-wheel drive. The Tacoma gets unique wheels with Kevlar-reinforced tires while the Tundra gets a special grille and 4Runner gets a bespoke cooler and sliding cargo tray.

Trail editions are set to hit dealers in the Fall, while Toyota hasn't offered a timeline for TRD Pro availability.

2021 Toyota TRD Pro models get a new color, 4Runner gets beefed up suspension

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