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2020 Toyota Supra: This might be it

We'll finally -- finally! -- see the real thing at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January.

2020 Toyota Supra leak

Is this the 2020 Toyota Supra? We'll know for sure next month.

In what has been the most drawn-out reveal since the Acura NSX, another set of might-be 2020 Toyota Supra images hit the internet this week. We'll finally see the real thing in the metal at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January, but for now, this could be our best look yet.

The images come from fan site; a user says Toyota emailed these Supra photos following a waiting list inquiry on its German website. That's a really bad way to accidentally leak a highly anticipated sports coupe, and a few other forum users said they received the same pictures after registering interest on the German website, too. (For the record, I tried to do the same, and no such pictures showed up in my inbox.)

The 2020 Supra hardly feels like a surprise at this point. These latest leaked photos show a car with details that match an earlier set of shots, and many of the big styling cues can be seen through the camouflage on the prototype Supra that Roadshow's Tim Stevens drove earlier this year. Heck, we even know most of the details about its underpinnings, since it shares its hardware with the 2019 BMW Z4 which I tested in M40i guise back in November.

Nevertheless, Toyota will officially debut the 2020 Supra in January... assuming it doesn't leak before then, anyway.