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It's (finally) official: 2020 Toyota Supra to debut at Detroit Auto Show

Start the countdown to the return of the Supra now.

Toyota Supra Prototype
The Toyota Supra prototype. The final version will make its debut in January 2019.

We've been hearing about the relaunch of the Toyota Supra for what feels like an age, but Tuesday Toyota finally confirmed when we'll see the car. The 2020 Supra will debut in January at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show , Toyota said in a press release. As Toyota describes it, that debut date is, "one of the worst-kept secrets in the auto industry."

Toyota also said that it'll be offering the first production-ready Supra up for auction next year, with all the proceeds from that sale going to charity. Get your checkbooks ready, as we're sure that the desirability of owning the very first 2020 Supra will drive up prices -- to say nothing of more virtuous reason to bid on a car that benefits charity. Production of the new car is slated to begin in the first half of 2019.

While we had a chance to drive a preproduction version of the new Toyota Supra, there are still some blanks in our knowledge. For instance, we know the car will use a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, but Toyota won't say how much power or torque that mill will produce. Nor do we have details like a curb weight or price, for instance.

On the other hand, we know that the Supra was co-developed with and shares many parts with the new BMW Z4. That said, it's been four years since BMW and Toyota last had much contact on the two projects; Toyota told Roadshow that once major details about the rear-wheel-drive sports-car chassis were nailed down in 2014, "After that we completely separated our team. After that, no communication with each other."

Stay tuned to Roadshow over the coming months as we bring you all the details on the 2020 Toyota Supra and its debut, and look out for our first drive review as soon as Toyota will allow us to slip behind the wheel.