Ram is rolling out the Texas-only Lone Star edition HD in Dallas

The Lone Star edition differs mostly in looks, but it's only available in Texas and that's kind of cool.

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The 2019 Ram HD Lone Star edition is mostly the Ram HD we saw in Detroit, with more badges.


It's not a secret that Texas loves trucks . The state is the biggest market in the US for them, which places it high the running for biggest market worldwide. Because of this, is resurrecting its Texas-only Ram HD Long Horn edition and debuting it at the Dallas Fort Worth auto show.

The 2019 and 3500 HD Lone Star editions are distinguishable from other Rams by their special tailgate badging and some unique interior touches. Ram isn't pushing the whole cowboy aesthetic quite as hard as it did with the Ram Laramie Longhorn this time, so don't expect all the tooled leather and tassels here.

"First and foremost, the Ram Heavy Duty Lone Star edition is a powerful, hard-working truck that meets the demands of Texas truck buyers," said Reid Bigland, head of Ram trucks. "Trucks are a big part of life in the Lone Star State, and Ram offers the segment's best combination of performance, strength, luxury and technology."

While the Lone Star edition is primarily an appearance package, it also comes with a Class V hitch and electronic trailer brake control and power tow mirrors as standard equipment. Apart from that, you have access to all the Ram goodies that we saw during the truck's debut in Detroit earlier this year including a new diesel engine that produces 1,000 pound-feet of torque.

Ram hasn't made mention of pricing for the Lone Star edition, but we expect that information to become available closer to launch.

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